WOTL and Others

Wellington on the Lake (WOTL) is an adult community located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in the village of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. This residential development offers detached bungalows and villas (row houses) which number over 500 today. It is not a legal entity in itself but rather a separate locality on the fringes of the village.

Sandbank Homes is proposing to develop three condominium towers in the southern sector of WOTL, between highway 33 and Elmdale Drive.

Here is an artistic map of Wellington on the Lake by Pam Smith, a 2014 version used by developpers and a 2017 update of phase 3 only. Please note that these maps are for reference only, they are not official plans. More specifically, some street names have been changed during construction.

Relationship with other entities

WOTL was originally developed by Daimler Retirement Parks Ltd in the 1990s. Some residents still call it The Park. The original plans that were approved by Prince Edward County included all lands that we now know as Wellington on the Lake, including the latest Phase III. Daimler developed the 182 homes located in the leasehold side (west area of Prince Edward Drive) or phases 1 and 2 (see diagram), as well as 45 freehold properties on the east side of Prince Edward Drive. Leasehold properties all pay monthly rent to Daimler who remains as the landlord of the lots where leasehold homes are built. These leasehold homes are subject to Daimler Lease Agreements and are protected under the Landlord and Tenants Act.

As a point of interest, in 1992, the first 30 residents created a Resident Association. On 31 January 2005 *, Frontier Homes (now Sandbank Homes, not to be confused with Sandbanks Winery or Sandbanks Provincial Park) acquired all the property at Wellington on the Lake except for the lands that are directly occupied under land lease agreements and common land area and roads. The common areas have since been purchased by Sandbank Homes. Sandbank Homes continues to develop new houses and the adjoining infrastructure (roads, sewer, parks...). As part of this transaction, Sandbank Homes Inc., through their affiliated company Frontier Management (2036182 Ontario Inc.), agreed to provide municipal services (snow removal, garbage pickup) and capital requirements as per Daimler's obligations and standards, to the leasehold residents of Wellington on the Lake in exchange for the common fee income. Frontier provides the same municipal services to freehold residents.

Conrad Guziewicz maintains the title of President of Frontier Management. Graham Shannon maintains the title of President of Sandbank Homes. Daimler is owned by Mr. Leo Nipsagen and Mr. Franz Krenn who both now reside in Belgium. Daimler is represented in Canada by its President, Doreen Kendall of Belleville, who can be reached at 613-848-6490 or dkendall.drpl@gmail.com.

Renie Thompson is the client-facing representative of Frontier. She is available in the Recreation Centre office every weekday morning from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm. Her telephone number is 613-399-3835. Please forward all your concerns, issues and compliments in writing or email to Renie.

Wellington on the Lake Golf Course is adjacent to the residential area of WOTL. It is legally separate from Sandbank Homes and WOLRA.

* some say 5 December 2003.