Welcome to the Wellington on the Lake Residents Association (WOLRA) website. Wellington on the Lake (WOTL) is an adult community located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in the village of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. If you're a non-resident, we're glad you decided to take a look at our website and the current housing market in the neighbourhood. If you're a WOTL resident, this is your website, and we hope you find it interesting and useful. Please let us know what you'd like to see on the site. All comments are welcome, positive or negative.

The purpose of WOLRA is to

  1. Recognize the important role our residents have in enabling the development, maintenance and establishment of a safe, secure and tranquil community for all residents to enjoy.
  2. Acknowledge the inherent rights of our residents and attribute to them their long standing efforts and initiatives to make Wellington on the Lake a great place to live and prosper
  3. Work in partnership with the residents and the community to enhance life in Wellington on the Lake community life in whatever way possible
  4. Address the need to provide effective communication with the membership of the association
  5. Maintain communication with the owner of the leased land, the developer and the property management company
  6. Be proactive in all areas of board responsibilities, providing an active lifestyle and social activities
  7. Address the needs for an even distribution of responsibilities of members of the Board in service to over 700 plus members of which many are volunteers and
  8. Maintain the increasing need for confidentiality, privacy and fiscal responsibility

Why be a member?

Here are some of the reasons for joining WOLRA:
  1. Your membership empowers you to vote and gives you a voice on the issues that keeps our community great.
  2. Our community is sustained and improved by EVERYONE standing together by supporting our amazing lifestyle and your contribution can do that.

Perks of being a member

  1. Free use of WOLRA assets: e.g. free booking of Recreation Centre rooms, outdoor shade structure, kitchen, audio-visual equipment, and supplies for activities. (for use within the Recreation Centre property only).
  2. Approximately 40+ different activities.
  3. Reduced ticket prices for WOLRA sponsored events.
  4. Free name badge to first-time members (replacement $5.00)
  5. Annual phone directory for WOTL and other pertinent information.
  6. Weekly eBlast and quarterly phonebook addendums sent to your personal email.
  7. Annual Membership card, with new, annual password to present when required.
  8. The Neighbourly Newsletter sent to your email.
All activities, celebrations and events that take place in Wellington on the Lake benefit directly or indirectly through the memberships dues.

How do I Join

Joining WOLRA is explained here.

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WOLRA has established a set of bylaws and policies over the years.

Board of Directors

Here are the current members of the Board of Directors of WOLRA.


Official communications within WOLRA include:
  • the Neighbourly News, published monthly
  • general meetings
  • the WOLRA website
  • weekly eblasts, a weekly bulk email to WOLRA members, to inform about one-off items, not for recurring scheduled activities. Also used to correct information when needed quickly and for timely reminders of events.
  • irregular announcements during coffee mornings.
  • the bulletin board in the Recreation Centre library
  • a suggestion box
  • a printed phone book


WOLRA holds Board Meetings and General Meetings, each one usually on a monthly basis. Here is the schedule for WOLRA Meetings

Recreation Centre

Other Neighbouring Entities

Wellington on the Lake (WOTL) is not to be confused with WOLRA.

In the same vein, there are a few closely related entities that members WOLRA are interested in.