WOLRA Contacts


If you know any business interested in buying advertisement space on the Neighbourly News or yearly phone book, please contact the Advertising Committee who will get in touch with the business. They will discuss ad size, schedule, costs and other details as required.

Advertising Committee:

  • Graham Thornton, 416-902-4826 grahamt1953@gmail.com
  • Pam Smith, 613-885-6018 neighbourlynews@gmail.com
  • Derek Mendham, 613-399-5749 dwmendham@hotmail.com

  • Celebration of Life:

    If you would like to hold a Celebration of Life for someone close to your heart and you would like to use the Recreation Centre, please contact Bob Hicks, Director of Welfare WOLRAwelfare@gmail.com for instructions on how to reserve the main hall and kitchen, where you can order food as well as who to speak with regarding the audio-visual aids that may be required.

    Dispute Resolution:

    Any WOLRA member who has a dispute with a Director of the Board may refer the dispute to a Dispute Resolution Committee. This deals mainly with a Director or the whole Board perceived as not following the bylaws and is governed by the Dispute Resolution Policy.

    It has no legal authority and does not deal with neighbour disputes or disputes with Frontier or Daimler.

    You may check the governance documents for the process of lodging a complaint.

    Disbute Resolution Committee: and they may be contacted directly.

    Fitness Equipment Maintenance:

    If any equipment in the fitness centre needs maintenance, please contact any member of the fitness centre committee.

    Fitness Centre Committee:

  • Alan Carmichael(WOLRA Director of Indoor Facilities), 613-584-9327 wolra.facilities2023@gmail.com
  • Kevin Hanbury, 613-399-1213 kandshanbury@gmail.com
  • Phil McMillan, 647-287-5723 philmcmillan1793@gmail.com

  • Memberships:

    The Membership Committee organizes and runs the annual Membership Campaign in the spring with dates published every year.

    The Membership Committee is chaired by Gail Post 613-399-1096.

    In order to keep records accurate, members are requested to send a notice to wotlmembership@gmail.com if they change telephone number, email address or if they move.

    Storage Space:

    If your club or activity needs more storage space, please contact Bill Pennell, Director of Facilities wolra.facilities19@gmail.com.

    Although space is very limited, your request will be considered and all efforts will be made to accomodate your needs.

    Travel Club for more information here

    Welcoming Committee:

    The Welcoming Committee distributes a Welcome Information Package to new residents. The committee is aware of new arrivals in brand new houses, but does not always learn about new residents moving in pre-owned ones.

    If you moved in but have not received a package yet, please contact one of the following individuals:

    Welcoming Committee Members:

  • Louise Kedro, 905-330-4005 louisekedro68@gmail.com
  • Lynn Rainy, 613-849-8305 susielynn54@gmail.com
  • Janice Flynn, 905-877-4006 janicelflynn@gmail.com

  • Looking for a neighbour to give you an occasional ride?

    The following individuals have volunteered to take you to doctor appointments, treatments, airport, wherever. They will charge you a fee that you may want to negotiate beforehand.

    • Fred M. 613-399-2442
    • Norm D. 613-399-5790
    • Gary D. 613-399-1024
    • Buck B. 613-399-3998
    • Al B. 613-707-6162